Victorinox 2018 Limited Edition Damascus Deluxe Tinker Damast Knife 1.4721.J18


The Deluxe Tinker serves as the basis and source of inspiration for this year’s Damast Limited Edition. Boasting 15 functions, including integrated combination pliers, a special tool that is available for the first time within the Damast series. The major statement piece is the new Damast steel “Ladder” (DS93X™) blade. This blade is extremely durable with its 333 forged layers combined with our new and unique elegant plum wood scales and an inlaid cross & shield, which provides beautiful contrast. Limited to just 380 pieces in North America, each knife is engraved with its own unique number, found on the divider behind the Phillips screwdriver. The Deluxe Tinker Damast Limited Edition 2018 is an exclusive and unique pocket knife that will delight collectors and users alike and will quickly become an object of desire. 

91 mm Damast Blade
Plum Wood Scales
380 pieces produced for North America
Special Edition Gift Box
1. Large Blade 

2. Small Blade 
3. Phillips Screwdriver 
4. Can Opener with 
5. – Small Screwdriver 
6. Bottle Opener with 
7. – Screwdriver 
8. – Wire Stripper 
9. Reamer, Punch 
10. Key Ring 
11. Scissors 
12. Multipurpose Hook 
13. Pliers with 
14. – Wire Cutters 
15. – Wire Crimping Tool