This is the "Big Brother" to the standard Ka-Bar USMC combat knife. It's huge! It has a blade that is just short of 9-1/2" and an overall length of almost 14-1/2" Ka-Bar has an honoured history: During WWII a legend was born, as several companies were asked by the U.S. Government to help supply troops with combat/utility knives. KA-BAR stepped up to the challenge and their reputation became so strong that all who are familiar with this knife refer to any of its kind simply as the "KA-BAR". The world’s most famous fixed-blade knife is still doing its job, with honours, almost 70 years later. This "big brother" series of oversized combat knives promises to serve our citizens in new ways. It can dig, chop, stab and perform a myriad of chores with ease.


§  #2217 - Big Brother

§  Overall Length: 14-3/8"

§  Blade Length: 9-3/8"

§  Blade Edges: Serrated Top; Straight Bottom

§  Steel: 1095 Cro-Van

§  Grind: Flat

§  HRC: 56-58

§  Handle: Leather

§  Sheath: Brown Leather

§  Weight: 0.90 pounds (knife only)

§  Knife Made in USA; Sheath Made in Mexico