The Browning Ignite fixed blade knife lets you be prepared for anything. Matches get soaked, lighters break, but flint and steel will always give you the spark you need to start a fire in the most adverse of conditions. The Browning Ignite Knife is a made from 7Cr stainless steel with a drop point design that is perfect for building a shelter or cleaning and preparing small game. The fire starting flint inserts into the rugged polymer sheath, ensuring that it won't get lost, yet will be readily available when you need it. The Browning Ignite is ideal for survival as well as your backwoods adventures.

Browning Ignite Knife

Fixed Drop Point Blade

Blade Length 4"

Overall Length 8 1/2"

7Cr Stainless Steel

Injection Moulded Handle

Rockwell Steel Hardness 56-5

Polymer Sheath

Flint in Sheath